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    Introduction to Pharmaceutics

    2020-06-01 15:37:18
    Introduction to Pharmaceutics
    Detailed introduction:

    I. drug R & D services

    Shanghai PharmaResources(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.. (registered as Pharma resources) is one of the leading enterprises in pharmaceutical R & D outsourcing services. Our pharmaceutical chemistry research management team has worked in the world's first-class pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We have rich professional knowledge and experience in the field of pharmaceutical research and development. Based on the tenet of "customer's success is our success", we have worked with the scientists of the customer, as well as the company's pharmaceutical, biological, pharmacokinetics and pharmacology All departments work together to improve the efficiency of drug research and development of customers, and provide pre clinical drug research and development services for global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The main business involves the whole pre clinical process of new drug research and development, including chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry, chemical process and research and development, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, etc. Since its establishment, the company has maintained high-speed and healthy development, first-class experimental facilities and high-quality R & D services, enabling us to maintain a long-term and stable partnership with pharmaceutical companies in Europe, America and Asia.

    Our service advantages

    ◆ experienced R & D team

    ◆ maximize interaction with customers

    ◆ deep understanding of customer needs

    ◆ quickly adjust R & D plan according to customer's requirements

    ◆ impeccable quality assurance

    ◆ real problem solving skills

    ◆ flexible business model

    1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    Under the leadership of several leading pharmaceutical chemistry talents with rich experience in internationally renowned pharmaceutical R & D enterprises, PharmaResources pharmaceutical can provide customers with value-added pharmaceutical chemistry R & D services, covering a variety of target and disease fields, from discovery of active compounds, discovery of active compounds to lead compounds, optimization of lead compounds to discovery of pre clinical candidate drugs. PharmaResources pharmaceutical has successfully found 4 preclinical drug candidates in the drug research and development projects with customers.

    PharmaResources pharmaceutical chemistry team can provide customers with the following services:

    Synthesis and confirmation of HTS active compounds

    ◆ mother core design and improvement

    ◆ lead compound optimization

    ▶  Based on in vivo and in vitro biological activity data and drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity data, the structure-activity relationship of new drugs was developed

    ▶  Using metabolic analysis to improve the pharmacokinetic characteristics of rodents and achieve the pharmacokinetic indexes in vivo

    ▶  Data indicators of toxicity and safety pharmacology of drugs to rodents through structural modification

    ▶  Study on synthesis process chemistry / amplification preparation

    ▶  patent application

    ◆ candidate drug selection

    ◆ customized cooperation scheme according to customer requirements

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    1. Synthetic chemistry

    We have the most advanced synthetic technologies and methods including asymmetric organic synthetic chemistry. We have accumulated rich experience in the design of synthesis route and the synthesis of multi-step complex target molecules (from mg to kg), and successfully synthesized many complex target molecules with multi hand center and drug activity. The service areas available are as follows:

    ◆ customized synthesis - reference compound synthesis from mg to kg

    ▶  Compounds for the study of structure-activity relationship

    ▶   Template compounds and parent compounds

    ▶  Key intermediates

    ▶  Reference / tool compound

    ◆ design, evaluation and exploration of synthesis route

    ◆ special chemical synthesis, such as asymmetric synthesis and chemical method resolution


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